...are for the happy couple and should be booked soon after the question is popped and she says yes! These are usually super romantic and fun and taken at a location that means a lot to the couple. The couple can bring along their pets, or anything that might mean a lot to them. But for sure, the engagement ring!


...are for the beautiful blushing bride and should be taken a couple months before the wedding. I usually suggest these are taken the same day as the bride’s trial tun for hair and make up. The bride will show up in her wedding gown and usually has her maid of honor and mother tag along to help. I also suggest these be taken in a location that means a lot to the couple and/or bride, like the church or location of the wedding ceremony, and maybe the reception as well. Or just somewhere pretty where the bride has always dreamed of doing bridals!


...are for the bride as well. These are intimate and sultry photos capturing the seductive side of the bride. These make the perfect gift for any groom. I suggest for these shoots the bride pick a few risque’ outfits and we shoot these in her bedroom/house, or a friends, or a hotel. These are one of my favorites and are so much fun. Be ready to be flirty & sassy!


...take place at the said events and capture candid and fun moments that happen during your celebrations. These are not posed photos by any means, but just fun shots to capture the details and moments you will want to remember forever. So that you, your family, and friends can relax and not worry about capturing moments, but instead sit back, have a drink and enjoy the moments leading up the special day.


... are for the newlyweds and can be the day after or anytime within a couple months of the wedding. The couple can wear casual clothes, dress up in something off the wall, or sometimes they choose to get back in their formal wear, the bride in her dress, and the groom in his tux. These can be taken at their home, or any location of their choice. I suggest you do something fun and crazy that you would have never done in your formal wear before the wedding. Don’t be afraid to get dirty! Show your fun side now that you’re married!


...are for the bride, and are similar to the Day After sessions, but are the bride only and usually done some time after the wedding. These can be taken anywhere, and I like to let the bride’s imagination run free on this one. I like to shoot these in pools, skate parks, at the beach, in a muddy field, in the rain, or in the middle of a busy city street! The possibilities are limitless.