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How do I make an appointment with you?

Please email me at justbephotojennic@gmail.com. This way we can discuss details, locations, etc and I can also send you my contracts via Docusign and deposit info. Please note you MUST read, print, sign, and complete these contracts online via Docusign within 3 days in order to reserve your appointment.  You will then pay your deposit via Venmo or Paypal. Please note this is a non-refundable deposit. If for some reason, you need to reschedule, please let me know asap.  I require that I receive your deposit within 3 days of booking.  Otherwise, if I do not hear from you, nor receive it, I will assume you no longer need/want the appointment, and I will cancel it.

What happens if I have to reschedule?


It is certainly ok, and happens quite often. Life happens and I am very understanding. Kids get sick, husbands get called away for work, cars breakdown, etc etc. This is one of the reasons why I require a non-refundable deposit. You must let me know within 7 days, or you will lose your deposit(unless it’s an emergency.) Meaning, you will need to pay another $50 rescheduling fee. Also it’s written in the contract that if you cancel and reschedule later you only have 6 months to do so. BUT please understand, if you need to reschedule, you will have to take my next availability, which may be awhile. I will  always try to squeeze you in, but my schedule is usually quite packed. Now, on the other hand, if it’s out of our control, for example, weather reasons, then that’s a different story. See next question.



What happens if the weather is bad and we have to reschedule?

Mother nature is amazing, but from time to time she likes to make a mess of my scenery. I love to shoot in the rain, but of course, most models/families would rather not, which I understand! So if the weather is bad~ raining, lightning, etc (overcast does not count~ because this actually makes the best lighting for photos), we will reschedule to a later date that is convenient for us both. Please note, I have a very busy schedule, but clients that are rescheduled due to weather are my top priority, and I squeeze you in as soon as possible. (Cold weather, unless under 30 degrees, or hot weather is not bad weather… but of course I always touch base with you day before and look at the weather to decide what is best for us both.)


What should we expect for our session?

You should expect to have FUN! That is the most important thing about sessions with me. You must have fun! Do not stress! Especially if it is a shoot involving children. Don’t even tell them they are going take pictures, tell them they are going to meet JB, who is super fun and crazy. Also, expect to be yourself. You won’t hear me say, “say cheese”… if anything it’s “say monkey” .. go ahead try it! It’s fun and it makes gorgeous smiles! Also, just know, I do not pose my subjects. I simply say, “stand there”, “look here”, “think this”… then I let the magic begin! I promise, even if you think you need to be ‘posed’, you don’t. You may just need some guidance and a few laughs! Every session is unique, just like my subjects, but every session will tell a story… your story.


How long does it take to get my photos?

You will see your edited/perfected photos on facebook or dropbox within 3-5 days, and will receive your USB within 3-4 weeks. If you rather not have your photos posted on facebook, we can use dropbox as well.  If it is for a wedding or an event, I ask that you give me 6-8 weeks to get them posted, and 3 months for your USB to arrive. It is usually way quicker than that, but this is just a worst case scenario.

Do I get to choose the photos you edit/perfect?

I choose a certain amount from each session to edit/perfect, and 99% of the time, the models/families agree I chose the best ones. BUT if there are more photos you would like to see edited a different way, I will be glad to do this for you… of course, a limited number. Just email me after you receive your USB and let me know which one. If you would like an additional 5 or more edited, there is an extra edit fee of $75 per 5 images.


What time can we shoot?

I am a natural light photographer, meaning I like to use the suns best light. So I usually like to shoot 4pm and after(in the summer… In fall & winter, usually between 2pm-6pm.) I do this to ensure the lighting will be great, so you also do not squint, or have shadows on your faces. It’s also because in Louisiana, the heat kicks in after 9am, and cools down after 5pm.

What happens if I am late?

If you are only 10-15 minutes late, it’s ok, just call me and let me know. If you are running over 15 minutes late, we will most likely need to reschedule due to time constraints and my hectic schedule. Please note there is a $75 late charge/reschedule fee.

What should we bring?

If there are any props(books, chairs, vintage items, toys, family heirlooms, etc), bring them! I love incorporating these things into photos… it’s what makes them special and unique, just like you. Also, if you are a bride doing a bridal shoot, don’t forget a white sheet or towel!

What should I/we wear?

You should wear what makes you feel great and beautiful, and most of all comfortable! But I say no to any clothing with distracting logos, or large crazy prints. I always say the more color the better. Accessories, hats, scarves, props… those always make great photos. Also for families, I know a lot of people like to do white, but it’s not my favorite. But if that is what you like, then great!   I always recommend blues, purples, corals, greys, and greens because they always look great on everyone. Another tip, don’t be so ‘matchy’! Stay in same color ranges, but spice it up, and dress to fit your own style! If you need some guidance, look at some family photos on my website, or online and see what you like and don’t like. What do you want to look like in the huge frames you have all over your house… casual? a bit more dressy? out the box? Need help, just ask me!

What locations do you shoot at?

The world is my canvas, and you are my subject! The options are limitless! I will shoot anywhere your heart desires. I love exploring and finding new magical places to shoot. So we can either go somewhere I am familiar with or somewhere you always wanted to go. I always ask my customers to tell me what type of photos they like and then we choose from there. If you want to shoot at a place that charges, the client is responsible for paying the charges.

Can I order prints through you?

You most certainly can! BUT you are not required to, in the least bit. I provide all of my customers with a photo release form that gives you print rights to your own photos. I believe my subjects should be able to print their own photos anywhere they choose. With this being said, the photos will not look like I intended or the way you see them on the web or computer if you print somewhere like Walgreens, CVS, etc.  Of course, ordering through me and my print company ensures you that they will come out they way I intended, and of the highest quality. There is a grave difference between prints made at the aforementioned locations and through my professional print company. My print prices are very reasonable too. To see print prices, click here. All prints must be paid for in advance. Furthermore, I own the copyrights, but I allow you print rights. Meaning, you can print them, but I own the photo rights for advertising purposes, for art purposes, etc.


If I order prints trough you, how long will it take?

Depending on the size of your order, the prints can take up to 12 days, but usually they come in within 5.  If you ordered prints from a wedding, or had prints included in your wedding package, such as albums or canvases, this can take 3-5 months. For I have to design each album personally, and the print company can take up to 2-3 months just to deliver to me. Also, if you have a wedding package that includes prints and/or books, they must be ordered within 6 months after your wedding.

How can I be involved in one of your storybook/fairytale/imaginarium shoots?

Easy! Just email me! I try and do fantasy type shoots at least once every other month. For a sample of these photos, look under my Imaginarium tab.

How do I become part of your ‘Hive’?

I love my customers!… so much, that I call them the “hive” and have specials just for them.  I truly believe without my customers I would not be where I am today. So many of you have believed in me and supported me from the beginning, and in return I will always be thankful and good to you. I have also grown so much, just  by your word of mouth. So, being part of the Hive is easy! All you have to do is “like” my page on facebook to keep up with the “buzz”  and have two full sessions with me, and you are in!  Nothing else. No fees, no contracts. Being part of the Hive means you get first dibs on the  “honey”( my specials), like my holiday mini sessions, other mini sessions for kids, print specials, etc. You also get discounts when you refer friends. So book a session today and join the Hive!