Team Effort


A happy life requires balance and the key to nailing that as a small business owner is having a support system that can help you produce your best work without sacrificing your personal life and goals. Adulting gets hard for everyone. Aside from fitting in a heavy work load, we’ve got our mundane tasks of laundry, cleaning, cooking, errands, obligatory festivities and family gatherings as well as making time for self care, time with friends and with partner.

It wasn’t always a well oiled machine over here at Just Be Photojennic but as time went on the pieces started to fit and there was a new addition periodically that shared the workload and helped us blossom to what we are today.

I introduce to you, the

Just Be Photojennic team.

Meet Michael…


My husband and handyman. Michael builds the props you’ve seen in many of my shoots and helps my vision come to life. When I first started out, I would use things I could find around town or online and this would be quite costly (not to mention, hard to store). Now, Michael can create or repurpose just about anything which has made life much easier, especially for our decked out seasonal minis! You should see our home too. It’s a carefully curated haven full of little touches we’ve collaborated on to give ourselves the perfect oasis to start and finish our days.

Meet Megan…

megan progrm.jpg

My husband isn’t the only family member involved either. My sister, Megan, is the brains behind the business side of things. She handles all of our accounting and paperwork formalities. As a creative, having someone you trust and can count on in this position alleviates so much stress and let’s me focus on the artistic side of things. Having my number savvy sister around also helps me plan the future of my business and learn ways to change and grow to better financially support the next step for the whole team.

Meet Jaime, Faith, Casey and Amanda…

These are my second shooters at weddings. I’m only one person with two hands and a camera so I can only be in one place at one time but weddings don’t work like that. There are memories happening all day and night and a lot of moments to capture. Having a second eye really brings in another viewpoint and perspective. I taught these young photographers from scratch how to shoot, how to work weddings and how I interact with people. With no previous knowledge or experience, I could really mold them into my style and now I have such confidence having an extension of myself to catch moments the way I would have envisioned them.

We have such a playful demeanor together and have a blast at wedding receptions, dancing and enjoying each party. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not work and I won’t fuss at them too. We have an ongoing joke, “you’re fired”, that someone gets dunce capped with each night. They each have their strengths which is great to see as a mentor. I watch each of them grow as an artist and professional. Jaime has an organic way of capturing those sentimental and priceless candids. Faith can curate creative detail shots to make impactful images which shows promise as a creative director type. Casey has a knack for posed photos which is something unnatural to most people but she captures them in such a beautiful light that it feels effortless. Amanda has a way of putting people at ease and making them laugh. Most people don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera so having that type of personality is so helpful to shake off everyone’s jitters! The girls also help me with my mini sessions which are a process from conception of ideas and planning them out to executing a variety of shots in a limited time frame. One thing I think has worked in our favor is that we are all dancers (that’s how we met). Dancers naturally have an artistic eye to lines, symmetry and asymmetry, playing with foreground and background, so on and so forth. This creative background has given them each a natural ability to see art and capture it.

There’s a few more to mention…

Shay is one of my longest and best friends who helps run the boudoir shoots every year and Debbie who second shoots when she can. Lochlyn helps out with our seasonal minis and Leah is a great asset for lighting at weddings. Lastly, Alicia who does our graphic design, website and social media out of New York.


Bottom line is… sure, you could be a superhero and do it all yourself, but why would you want to? Having a team around you not only makes your life easier, giving you more time to focus on your craft and what you love about it but it keeps it fun. When you take the fun out of your passion then it’s just a job again. I’m beyond grateful for these superstars for coming into my life, supporting me and sticking by my side through all of the hard work, crazy moments and changes. With a team like this, I feel confident that our boundaries are limitless and we can accomplish anything. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Jennifer Buck