Dress for Success

A few simple guidelines could make your photos turn from drab to fab

simply by choosing the right wardrobe for your shoot.

Here are 12 tips on what to wear:



1. Be Comfortable. This doesn't mean sweatpants. This means something you feel your best in that will not distract you during your shoot. If you have to keep tugging on your skirt or sucking in from something too tight, chances are your face will hold that tension too.

2. Stay away from distracting logos or large, crazy prints. Our focus should be on you! Even a small little logo on the breast or pocket can be an eyesore in up close shots. Locations can often clash with patterns and often they can "date" a photo showcasing a trend you may not like later down the line.

3. Don't be afraid of color. Add a fun pop of color to a neutral outfit to make it stand out or use rich tones or pastels if you're more of a conservative dresser. Jewel tones like blues, purples and greens mixed with greys look great on everyone. Families often like to wear white but I personally prefer bringing in more color to the mix. These photos will be on the walls of your home so consider how the overall color story will accent your home.

Here are some outfit’s

I found on Pinterest.

It’s a great tool for inspiration on

layering, color combinations or choosing the right accessories.

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4. Be yourself! When shooting with other people, stay away from "matchy, matchy". Instead, find things that are cohesive together. Perhaps tie in a color from their outfit into your accessories or use tones within the same color family.

5. Do your research. Do you want more formal photos or more casual? What kind of style will showcase your personality but not clash with others? Look through my website or Pinterest to get ideas of what looks have worked well in the past and gain some inspiration.


You can even find ideas

for the whole family!

6. Consider your location. If you are shooting seasonal photos, dress the part. If you will be shooting outdoors, near a beach or woods, consider what clothing will fit the overall theme and color story around you. Remember that in some instances, your footwear may be difficult to walk on certain terrains.

7. Think outside of the box. As a creative, I am always open to hearing your ideas. Want to try juxtaposition? Think "evening gown on train tracks" or  "fur coat in the desert". Despite rule number 6, sometimes things that are so opposing make for the best shots. If something like this inspires you, let me know and I'm happy to create this with you.


8. Accessorize! Hats, scarves, jewelry or even props make for great details in a shot. These are things that can be added or taken away easily to vary up the photos during your shoot. Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more. Often, things that would be too much for every day can look perfect in a photo. With that said, be sure your hair doesn’t depend on your hat…often hats will cast a shadow on the face and may need to come off. Please, no baseball caps (unless it’s a theme). Watches can also be left at home unless they are a fashionable/sentimental piece … they will be a distraction in photos.

9. Hair, makeup and grooming can be just as much of a distraction in your photos. Will you be shooting outdoors on a windy day? Perhaps skip the lip gloss or bold colors in case your hair gets caught in it. Gentleman, be clean shaven or have well groomed facial hair. Don't forget about your hands as many shots showcase them especially with engagement and wedding photos. Be yourself and wear the amount of makeup you are comfortable in but remember that your every day look may not show up on camera so an extra coat of mascara or a lipstick other than nude will help your face pop on the lens!


10. Consult your partner. Make sure you and your costar are going to the same party. Far too often the ladies show up dressed in their best while their partners are in tennis shoes and a Polo shirt. Although that may be what you feel comfortable in, this is a great occasion to put on the nice button down and slacks sitting in your closet.

Here are some examples (also at your fingertips on Pinterest) on how to dress on the same level.

11. Mind your fabrics. Choose fabrics that are wrinkle resistant and will not cling to your body. Although editing can smooth out small things here and there, only so much can be done to look natural. Also keep in mind the weather during your shoot. If you might be sweating, factor that into your color and fabric choices.

12. Don’t underestimate your undergarments. Light colors and more sheer fabrics should be supported with neutral toned undergarments without texture that may peek through. Again, do not rely on editing to remove that bright colored bra strap. It is not always an easy fix and is very time consuming.


I hope these tips were helpful and gave you a better idea of what to choose for your next shoot! Having the right look can really give you the confidence to feel your best and that will shine through on camera. Our shoot should be fun and stress free so plan that outfit in advance so you have nothing to worry about that day!

Thanks for reading and let me know what topics you’d like to cover in the future!

Until next time my hive…


Jennifer Buck