Not So Many Minis


Fall minis are this weekend and I cannot wait. This year we’re doing them on a dairy farm! Soon, we will start scheduling for the holiday minis and we are also finalizing the details for the January boudoir sessions so we can get started on that booking as well. As always, these mini sessions are open to existing clients only (Hive Members).

But why?

Having a relationship already with existing clients eliminates the getting to know each other and feeling comfortable portion of the shoot. These minis are only 15 minutes long so having that relationship already built and the subject already being familiar with how the shoots work, what to expect and being themselves in front of the camera makes that small time work perfectly.

I pride myself on being able to make my clients truly relaxed and open up so I get the real them.


How do I become a Hive member?

In order to get on the email list and book a mini in the future, we have to do a full session before hand. If you’re interested in booking a full session, please email

Booking is usually done about 2-3 months in advance and fall is the busiest season. Currently, I am booked through January.

Space is limited on these mini shoots but you can see from past years how wonderful these photos always turn out and how my themes/decor plays into creating a beautiful environment for you and your family. If you like the style of a minis and want to do a full session, I’m always open to ideas to give you the perfect holiday memories.


Hope everyone’s having a great week and talk to you next week!


Jennifer Buck