October Features


It’s that time again… monthly shoot shoutout to our most stand out photos!

This month I chose two shoots that are very different from each other and are a different take on Halloween themed shoots. Our first is of my adorable niece and nephews! Sophie (6), Parker (5) and Jaykeb (11) set out on the streets of Hammond, LA in their Halloween gear to get that perfectly nostalgic Trick-or-Treat look.


Because we shot this in September, we definitely got some odd looks and were even stopped on the street by a woman to ask if it was Halloween in Hammond. It’s the perfect old town to get this type of intimate and familiar “hocus pocus” vibe. This is such a great way to shoot family photos because it is fun for everyone and brings great memories of the shoot every time you look at them.


As always, I encourage my clients to think outside the box and be open to trying some untraditional shoots or themes because it lets us all explore our creativity, have fun and have something so priceless to cherish for years. In the past, we’ve had clients show up in pajamas to our Christmas minis which brought such a warm touch to showcase the family’s silly personalities.


Our next shoot changes course completely and brought in more of the haunting side of Halloween. My model, Yuri, created this Creature of the Night look and I got to experiment with new techniques and effects.


Yuri is not only a talented model, but she made her costume and did her own hair and makeup. When I first saw these looks of hers, I knew we had to collaborate and shoot them. We’ve worked together several times in the past and it’s always a great turn out. Joining creative minds can really push boundaries and let your artistic side experiment and grow.

I’ve always had a love for dark beauty and been drawn to the creepy and eerie. Last Fall around this time, I went to Salem and it was so inspiring. I wish I would have been able to shoot there. To my fellow artist friends, don’t forget to get out of your comfort zone and find new sources of inspiration. Magic happens when you see things through fresh eyes.


With Halloween right around the corner, I’m sure you all are putting together your costumes, decorating your homes and putting out the pumpkins. Try to do something fun with your friends or family and snap some photos to print and stick into frames around the house as spooky or funny decor. This will bring a personalized touch to your home and it’s a very cost friendly way to do something different with your fellow Halloween fanatics!

I love you all and hope you got some inspiration from this week’s blog. If you have any questions or blog suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Comment below or email us today.